The cat in the hat

This week in Nursery we have been rhyming words and reading the story Pat the Cat who wore a top hat. We have had so much fun playing silly soup - this is a game where only rhyming pictures can go into the soup such as hat, cat, rat, bat, mat (we also have a few non rhyming pictures as well). This is the song we sing (tune is to Pop Goes the Weasel) -

We're going to make some silly soup,

We're making soup that's silly

We're going to put it in the fridge

To make it nice and silly

In goes a hat, cat,mat

We have also tried to make up our own silly sentences using the rhyming props.

This week we have also been busy in recognising our names and using lettered pegs to make up our names on to our name cards. This is a great 'Funky Finger' exercise and gets the children to recognise the order of the letters in their name. The children have enjoyed writing their names in their special books and we have been encouraging them to start each letter in the correct place. Some great mark making and writing our own names as well.

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