This week we have enjoyed looking at different vegetables and used our senses to explore them. We have worn our chef's outfits and carefully chopped onions, celery, potatoes and mushrooms and made our own soup! Many children tried the soup at snack-time, some coming back for seconds!

We also used vegetables dipped in paint and produced some fantastic 'vegetable people' who were given some great names.

We introduced the children to the balancing scales and estimated which vegetables we though might be the heaviest and the lightest. It proved very tricky trying to get the scales to balance. We also looked at ordering the vegetables by length and talked about our favourite vegetables to eat.

Although the weather has been rather random this week, we certainly made the most of getting outside when the sun shone. It proved very calming to enjoy a story in the 'Bushcraft' area this afternoon and gave us an opportunity to 'tune in' to all the other sounds outside.

We are very excited to see that our runner beans are growing! We can't wait to see how tall they are after the long weekend!

We planted radishes this afternoon so we hope to enjoy our home-grown produce soon.

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