Growing and exploring

We were excited to see how much our runner beans had grown over the weekend! We measured them using cubes and rulers and compared our beans to see whose was the tallest. We planted them outside our nursery so we can continue to watch them grow together.

We used natural materials to practice our counting and sorting skills. The children chose a number and then counted out the correct number of stones or sticks.

Some children got creative and extended the activity; making big letters out of the sticks (X, F, E), well done, what a great idea!

The children were introduce to the 'Listening Tree' outside. A knot in the tree was identified as the tree's 'ear' and we all closed our eyes to listen to all the sounds that the tree could hear. We heard "birds, lawn mowers, motorbikes and children".

Our first assembly with the 'Big school'!

We introduced a new self-registration system this week. Instead of the children identifying their name card and placing it in a pot, they all tried to write their names on a white board at the start of the session. All of the children had a go at this and we were so pleased with the beautiful writing that is emerging!! As a reward, the whole class received a trophy in assembly to acknowledge their efforts. Considering it was their first assembly, they all sat and listened amazingly and were very excited to be part of the occasion.

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