Fireworks & Remembrance

We started the week on Bonfire Night and the children were keen to tell us about Firework displays they had been to or were going to. We made some firework paintings, using cardboard tubes to print patterns.

We listened to some classical music at snack time by Handel: 'Music for the Royal Fireworks'. We also watched a short programme on Cbeebies about fireworks:

The snack we made was a firm favourite! We used breadsticks, dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in sprinkles to create our very own 'sparkler'😋.

On Friday, we turned our thoughts to Remembrance Day. The children watched an animation on Cbeebies which captured the essence of Remembrance in an age-appropriate way.

Our giant poppy and our poppy biscuits both look great, I think you'll agree?!

👀 We have started exploring a 'focus number' each week this half term term, so we've now looked at numbers 1 and 2. If you would like to share your children's learning at home with them, we have particularly enjoyed watching the Cbeebies 'Numberblocks' or 'NumTums' songs/rhymes for each number.👀

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