Old MacDonald

This week we introduced the nursery rhyme 'Old MacDonald had a Farm'. We talked about different animals and explored the different sounds they make. We used our 'magic' paintbrushes to draw big circles in the air and pretended to draw a big pig with a huge round body, a smaller round head and tiny a round nose (snout). The children then had a go at drawing their own pictures of Old MacDonald and some animals. They told us all about their pictures and we spotted some fantastic artists!

We also talked about shapes, including squares, circles, rectangles and triangles. We decided to go on a 'Shape Hunt' around the school. Our 'Shape Detectives' spotted so many in and around the school! The children used the nursery camera to take photographs on our journey so we can print them out to look at in class.

I wonder what shapes you will see in your house or on your journey to school?


Thank you for uploading your photos and videos to Tapestry. We have loved the watching the children singing nursery rhymes at home!

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