Chinese New Year

The children have been fascinated to learn about children from different cultures. We explored Chinese New Year, looking at: how it is celebrated, what food is eaten, what clothes are worn and how this compares to celebrations we have experienced.

We certainly had fun using our Funky Fingers to eat with chop sticks at snack time!

The children were very interested in learning about red envelopes that are placed under a child's pillow at Chinese New Year. They wake up to find money in their envelope to bring them good luck and fortune. This idea promoted lots of creativity. Red card, masking tape, pens, pencils and paper and mark-making skills were used to re-create such envelopes as well as 'notes' and 'gifts' to parents.

Our new Nursery Rhyme of the week is 'Miss Polly had a Dolly'. We used the dolls and the first aid kits to recreate the nursery rhyme in our role-play.

Thank you for continuing to upload your children's nursery rhyme performances to Tapestry. We love seeing them and the children love us to share them with the class - The Ark's own X-Factor!

We all enjoyed our 'Guess the baby' activity this week so thank you for sending in all the photos. It prompted lots of talk about similarities and differences between us all and comparisons between what we looked lie then, and now.

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