Jack and Jill

This week we started the week with a cold frost. We talked about ice and explored some objects that appeared to be "trapped"! How could we break the ice and find what was inside? The children discussed some great ideas and tried out some very different techniques!! Eventually, we decided that the ice needed to "melt". We placed the ice in a bowl on the radiator and patiently waited for the object inside to emerge!

Our new Nursery Rhyme this week is 'Jack and Jill'. We enjoyed singing the song together and talked about what happened to Jack. The children were puzzled by the 'vinegar and brown paper' and thought he should've had a plaster!

We continued the 'Jack and Jill' theme into our PE lesson in the school hall. The children had to 'fetch a pail' and carefully balance, walking along the bench, making sure they didn't 'spill' any water. They travelled under the bridge and over the hill and explored moving their bodies in different ways.

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