Mary, Mary..

This week we have been learning our new nursery rhyme, 'Mary, Mary, quite contrary'. The children used their funky fingers to fill pots with compost. They used tweezers to "rescue" the insects or count out pom poms. We talked about who had 'more and less' and recognised when we had 'the same'.


The weather has been amazing!! It really did feel like summer at the beginning of the week so we took our learning outside and had fun mark-making with water and an assortment of brushes.

Our shoulders and arms certainly had a good 'work out', especially when decorating the tree with chalks. The children named this "The rainbow tree" when they had finished. It certainly looked very did their sweatshirts!!

We talked about the letter 'S' and explored the sound it makes "ssssss". We thought about people, places and objects that begin with this sound and went outside to "sssseeeee" what we could find 👀😎.......


Thank you for uploading your half-term adventures to Tapestry. We have had great fun sharing these with the class on our interactive whiteboard.

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