Science week 🧪 .....and yoga 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️ !

We have had fun this week, exploring science in nursery. The children now think we all have “magic powers”! We started with the ‘skittles’ rainbow experiment. You can try this at home: 1) Arrange the skittles in a circle on a white plate. 2) Pour some warm water into the centre of the plate until it touches the sweets. 3) Wait and watch the ‘rainbow’ appear!

The children were very excited about colour so we extended our learning by exploring colour mixing independently. We used coloured water and pippettes to change each colour and create our very own"Magic!".


We tried yoga in Nursery for the very first time this week and it was a great success! We were so impressed with the children's concentration and perseverance. We all felt "happy", "sleepy" and generally calmer following our session and I'm hoping we can make it a regular feature...

We started by reading Fearne Cotton's 'Yoga Babies' book to introduce some initial yoga poses.

You can access 'Cosmic Kids' online and enjoy some of the yoga stories and poses at home with your child.

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