Farm Visit!

We were very excited to be invited to visit the farm at Peterhouse Church of England Primary Academy. We used the school mini bus to travel there on Tuesday afternoon to visit the ewe and her twin lambs.

We also saw goats, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs and rabbits (Peter & Cotton tail).

The children were keen to ask questions throughout;

"Are they his paws?", "Why has it got writing on it's back?","Is that one the Daddy?", "Why are those goats fighting?!".

We also learnt about growing vegetables and we are looking forward to growing our own produce after Easter.

We loved the converted bus which is now an outdoor classroom!

We each got a turn in the driver's seat of the John Deer tractor!

Thank you very much for having us at Peterhouse Farm. We hope to visit again soon!

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