Healthy Me ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿฅฆ

This week we have explored what it means to be healthy. We have talked about different foods and decided if they were 'healthy or unhealthy?'. We talked about food and drink which contain a lot of salt or sugar and agreed we should only have these occasionally.

The children selected 'healthy' food to cut out and stick in their 'lunch box' and we played the Orchard Lunch Box Game in small groups.

One of the children said "you will feel sick if you eat too many sweeties!" and another child said "i am only allowed a treat if I eat my tea....but even if I don't eat it, I still get the treat!"

We also considered why exercise is important to be healthy. We went onto the field and practised our sports day races. We observed how we felt afterwards as there were many thirsty children.

We were excited to be invited to a 'Gymnastics Taster Session' on Monday. The children impressed both the coach and our Nursery staff by taking part in a 90 minute session! Fantastic effort everyone!

We then discussed the importance of sleep and how it could affect our health if we don't get enough. We enjoyed our usual yoga and mindfulness session and talked about how our happiness could affect our health too.

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