Getting to know you, getting to know all about you... 🎶

What another busy week... But a full week for many of the children! I am pleased to report that today has been a much happier day with the children becoming more settled and less tearful upon Mummies and Daddies leaving. Well done 👍😊

Can you see the basket?!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated food produce to our Harvest donations for local food banks. We had loads... More than my little basket could handle! And we certainly contributed LOTS to the whole school collection. Well done and thank you! Those small acts will make such an impact to families in our community who are less fortunate. ❤️

Also a big thanks to everyone who came to the Early Years Tapestry Workshop. We hope you found it helpful and that the parents guide to the Early Years curriculum is useful. Our next workshop, which focuses on phonics (the building blocks for reading and writing) is on Wednesday 2nd October at 2:30pm.

Speaking of Tapestry, please don't be alarmed if you do not have new posts each day. As explained during the workshop, we only add relevant content based on each child's individual learning experiences. As it has been the children's first day's we have ensured that you all have photos of new events/routines etc on their first day to reassure you and because they will be special "firsts" at The Ark. As the children are beginning to feel more settled and confident we will begin making Baseline assessments. This simply means assessing your child's starting point across each of the 17 areas of our curriculum and then looking at how to help them reach their "Next Steps." No-one wants an IPad thrust in their face all day and no-one wants to see their child snipping paper with scissors each week! Tapestry is one of many tools we use.

Don't forget that you can add "Wow" moments too! These have to be approved by a member of staff before they are added to Tapestry.

Apologies... Anyone who has had a child with me before may know that I am a fan of the Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl! I may have... Erm... Introduced today's children to the Dave and Animal (from the Muppets) drum off. Dave may have some new fans 😉

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