Building friendships, building independence 🌟💪🏻

And another busy week has now drawn to a close...where did that go?

I hope, like us, that you can see how your child is becoming much more settled into The Ark family. They are developing a great understanding of the rules and routines, so much so, we can begin to add a few more things next week. Well done, we are VERY proud of you!

This week we have continued (where it hasn't rained!!!) to explore the "Big Playground". We have continued to explore the tyres, the climbing wall and the trim trails based upon our own comfort and confidence levels. As the children are now more familiar with these areas, we have been encouraging their independence and this is something we will continue to do. We have been teaching the children how to support their peers by holding their hand and walking slowly so that their peer can feel more balanced/confident in negotiating the trim trail (whilst an adult is very close by). This is developing our social and communication skills, building friendships and our ethos of "teamwork" and "The Ark Family" whilst also looking at risk taking and risk management at a young level. We are extremely proud and will continue to develop this...

#teamwork #independence

As the children are becoming more settled, we do now ask that you 'drop and go'. Having parents lingering in the class can unsettle others and lead to tears, and we have found the cloakroom area becoming congested with buggies and adults which becomes unsafe and unsettling. We hope you appreciate our message.

Whilst promoting independence outside, there are things you can help with at home and at the start of sessions; managing hygiene such as wiping and hand washing with more confidence. Also, hanging up their own coat (which helps name recognition by looking at their name/picture on their peg) and putting away their water bottle. These little steps help develop routine and confidence which then in turn can be built upon by answering a question or trying a new activity etc. Thanks!

Maths Monkey (albeit a Bear Factory chimp) has been named! Thank you to everyone who returned the competition forms. It was a tricky choice, but the overwhelming vote was for...Monty the Maths Monkey! Monty is very much looking forward to visiting a home soon...

Monty the Maths Monkey

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