Building skills, building confidence :)

I shall think of a different opening line to "It's been a very busy week..."...but it has, err, been another busy week! :D

Little seeds of independence are growing in The Ark, which is amazing to watch. Little steps that the children do themselves builds confidence and prepares them for being "School Ready". It may sound daft, but we do start preparing the children for Reception early on. These little steps we introduce soon become the "norm" so when the children begin school, they are already confident in things that are expected.

This week we have begun learning "The MAGIC Coat Trick"... Unfortunately there are no puffs of smoke, or flashes of bright light...BUT there are beaming smiles, a "Ta-Da" from the adults and some VERY impressed and pleased children! It may sound small, it may sound impossible, but teaching your child to put on their own coat is a huge tick in the independence box, and comes under our Physical Development strand of the curriculum.

Magic Coat Trick success!

Here is one of the gorgeous Ark members demonstrating The Magic Coat Trick ;)

Other things that the children can start doing now...?

- Hang up their coats themselves, getting used to managing to hang the hood or loop inside the coat on their peg.

- Finding their name on the table and putting it in the coat - maybe upgrading to doing this without an adult.

- Putting their own water bottle in the water bottle tray.

Starting these jobs now will develop independence, build confidence and enable the children to try something new. Putting off jobs can lead to a build-up of worry and uncertainty. But we are like Bob the Builder - "Can we do it? Yes we can." And if it is tricky, we keep trying. This is why the children receive the school's Stretch Gromin award; for perseverance, a positive and can-do attitude. Sometimes we all, including us adults, need to persevere with something and this is an important life skill (such as embedding the earlier footage!)

We have been busy using metal detectors to find hidden 2D shapes! This has allowed staff to assess the children's knowledge of shapes with which to build upon over the year. It has also been FUN, MESSY and NOISY! It has also inspired and excited the children to go and explore The Ark for all things metal. We have seen some superb and budding scientists excited by their own independent discoveries!

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