The Ark celebrates Mental Health Awareness Day 2019

This week, particularly Thursday, we have thought about and promoted good mental health.

On Thursday we wore yellow, in all shapes and forms... My late Uncle Fred would have been so pleased with my leopard print socks and pumps combo ;)

In the afternoon, we made "Happy Crowns" using different yellow media including happy emojis.

We also read "The Colour Monster" which is a FABULOUS picture book about emotions linked with colours and a 'muddled' monster of many colours. We talked about each feeling and briefly explored how ALL feelings are "Okay", but it is what we do when feeling them that counts. This is something we will keep dipping into over the year!

This week has also seen more "new routines"... PE! We only take our socks and shoes off, so PLEASE don't worry about kits etc! PE in the big hall not only allows us to see Big School regularly, as well as passing through Reception or Year 1, but allows us to develop our physical skills in a big space,use PE equipment and practise putting our socks and shoes back preperation for full changing when we start school. This week PE has been met with LOTS of enthusiasm, fun and chatter. And it was only the traffic light game. Watch out for when the big climbing frame comes out :D

To HELP: practice independent socks and shoes skills at home! Look at which shoes go on which feet, or use the special stickers whereby a picture is split in half and makes its full self when the shoes are placed side by side correctly!

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