Happy Half Term!

Amazing to think that not long ago Mrs B and I were getting ready to meet you all as we nervously prepared our Home Visits... In a sheer whirlwind, Parents Evening has been and gone and the hollibobs have started! (Hooray cheers the staff and tired children for a much needed break)!

HUGE thank yous to everyone who was able to attend Parents Evening this week. I hope that three nights were convenient as opposed to the normal two late nights. It was great to hear feedback, funny anecdotes and see you all and have chance to reflect on all the great things which have happened so far! We hope you found it useful too, and maybe hinted at this on the school questionnaires! Thanks again!

The children have loved learning about Autumn this week... in particular the BBC sped up videos of seasonal changes. Their little mouths dropped open at such marvellous and natural sites as leaves changing colour, ice forming and melting away!


Next half term we shall begin with Noah's Ark. It's important to know why we are The Ark, and allows for lots of rainbow fun too! Just so you know, my rainbow hair was planned before the topic hee hee...fingers crossed my lovely hairdresser does a fab job as always!

We shall then move into Elmer the elephant, animals from hot countries, then animals from cold countries before seeing how long we can avoid the big "C" ...Elf cams may appear and Santa may well be emailing to see how good we are...but not in October!

In addition we shall be holding two fundraising events for our dear Anna. As you know, Anna is battling Cancer and doing a tremendous job. At the Ark, we are all in awe of her (and Mummy and Daddy's) bravery, strength and determination. Anna has fought Cancer twice now, but on her relapse, her consultants found that the Cancer had metastasized to her spine. Should her tumours show signs of growth in the next scan , there is nothing more the NHS can offer but palliative care. There are costly options abroad, that could, if needed, help Anna. For this and a million other reasons, we are helping to support her Mummy and Daddy's Crowdfunding page so that these options are avaliable to our Anna Poppy (who is certainly a colourful character in our Nursery). We have our Disney Day, to celebrate Anna's love of princesses (as well as her girlie peers) but to also showcase those Toy Story/ Marvel and Star Wars boys too! We also have a special Early Years disco, provided free of charge, from DJ Kev, with all donations going directly to Anna's crowdsurfing fund. We hope The Ark and Homefield family will dig deep and help our friends in need. Here is a link for further information, donation links etc:

(sorry should be more piccies, but it won't let me!!!)

Happy holidays everyone- see you from Mon 28th October xx

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