The animals went in 2 by 2, Hoorah! Hoorah!

Well it certainly seems like the weather for the ark to set sail... what a miserable day! Nevermind, here is a new Nursery blog post to cheer us all up!

Who would have thought it was the first week back after the half term! It was fantastic to see the children burst in through the door, eager to be back! Well done guys, we are very proud and glad to see you too.

This week we have begun our topic "All Creatures Great and Small". We feel it is really important to know why we are called The Ark Nursery, and on home visits we found that lots of children loved animals. So we have created a topic to encapsulate it all. And what fun it has already been!

We have learnt the names of colours on the rainbow (although not indigo and violet, though these have been talked about) and we have sung some rainbow songs including: Somewhere over the rainbow, Sing a Rainbow... Using our "pinchy fingers" we have been picking up pom poms using tweezers and completing a rainbow template. We have even made our own rainbows by dabbing cotton wool balls held by pegs...again developing our PIP and DIP joints in our hands, ready for writing.

This week we began learning our number of the week...and it is 1. We have counted 1, jumped 1, clapped 1, stuck out 1 tongue and held up 1 finger. 1 is everywhere as Number Time (an old but classic maths show) has taught us. It is great to see lots of Tapestry uploads to the Number 1 homework. Well done and keep them coming... Next week will see us learn, 2!

Thanks again to everyone who attended Parents Evening at the end of last half term, and for the positive comments left on the feedback sheets/ Tapestry etc. Please do feel you can come and see us should you have queries, worries or concerns.

As a reminder, Wednesday is DISNEY DAY! Yeah! This is one of two fundraising events this year to support our dear friend Anna, who as you know, has Cancer. We are so looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible (even if it is not your day, please come and speak to us as I am forgoing my office time to enable more Ark children to attend). We are looking forward to seeing you in your princess, Toy Story, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney jumpers etc! We shall have lots of fun, sing songs, dance, explore Disney activities and maybe meet some surprise friends.... Please give what you can, any donation will be gratefully received and we all appreciate everyone has different budgets. If we all give a little, it will mean a lot. Thank you for your support!

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