Poppies and Pudsey

The week started with Remembrance. A pretty tricky concept when you are only 3 or 4-years old, but something important that future generations should remember. We watched the fabulous CBeebies animation about the hare in the battle fields and talked about how wearing poppies helps us remember and help those who have and those who still do, keep us safe.

We also celebrated Children in Need. Thanks to all who donated. In Nursery we raised just under £21 but this is one of our very quiet days and every penny counts. So thank you everyone! Here is a piccie of us in our sporty/ Pudsey/mis-matched socks! Don't we look gorgeous!

This week we have continued to learn to recognise our numbers, with number 3 being the focus! Here is a link to The story of 3 (which only works on computers, not tablets- sorry!) in case you wish to play at home. That means next week will be number 4! Stay tuned for "Shout Out" and "Rainbow Writing" homework challenges. Thanks to all who are using these- we can see a real difference in the children's number recognition (and interest!). Those numbers just seem to be everywhere now!

We have a few more weeks of animal based activities before we move onto Christmas... You may already be hearing songs about 'knitting for the baby' and "angels who did appear"... Yes the nativity songs have begun and Mrs B and I are definitely singing them in the wee hours of the morning when we blearily wake up.Hee Hee- they are doing a grand job and we hope to make lots of happy tears on the day.

This week has also seen a lot of Elmer activity, excitement about Elmers and some awesome art work that has helped with our dexterity and fascination with gloopy glue. The herd shall be in Nursery for a short while, before making their way home. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Small plea: Any unwanted decorations (Christmas) would be gratefully appreciated by our PTA (Parent Teacher Association), of which I am an active member.... we need decorations to transform Nursery into Santa's Grotto. ANY HELPERS would be gratefully welcomed too! Don't forget, it's Saturday 7th December and is one of many events where we try to raise vital funds for school. Thanks!

Have a lovely rest of the weekend and see you all for another fun and busy week!


Miss G

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