Walking through the jungle, what do you see....?!

This week we have looked at different animals who come from "Hot Countries"... be it the jungle, the safari areas etc. There are many types of animals that come from hotter climates to us but we are a wee bit little to appreciate all the differences between these habitats or where indeed these places are in the big wide world.But... we have enjoyed looking at them, talking about their patterns (spots, stripes or plain) and their different physical features: paws, tails, claws etc.

We have proudly created a jungle-themed display of our lions, zebras, tigers, monkeys, cheetahs/leopards and giraffes... which we shall reveal next week as some are still to dry and be displayed. They may have taken time to make, with lots of chats about appropriate colour choices, looking at pictures to see where each colour belongs etc... but the work is very much that of the children and Mrs B and I are sooooooooo proud! We hope you will share in our "Aww" moments!

Our Elmers have generated a lot of Mummy and Daddy 'Awws' too... They shall stay on "parade" with my door stop...ahem Elmer... and shall be swiftly sent home for you to cherish. The children LOVED making them and we enjoyed the enthusiasm and excitement the stories of Elmer fostered. It also enabled us to briefly talk about how we are all different, and how that is ok and important. We have tried to think about how we are all different and shall look at this again soon.

Things are getting very sing-song busy...the Christmas play is in sight... Teachers are panicking (as we do each year), songs are being sung morning, noon and night, and the children are creaing their own renditions...including Mary having a silver ring! You will very soon be able to see our nativity, Mary's Knitting! The children are enjoying the songs, signing well with British Sign Language and looking cute beyond words...please bring tissues! We WILL have you in tears! (Be in laughter if Mary gives baby Jesus horrendous brain injuries by hitting his head on the manger, or from some over-dramatic and bossy sayings of a 'Bossy King', as has been seen in previous years!).

Lastly (and sorry for lack of pics...very unlike me), please come and share in our Christmas Fayre on Saturday 7th December from 11am until 3pm. Aside from glitter tattoos, face painting, stalls, children's handmade work for sale, Father Christmas and elves, we also have a fantastic raffle in aid of Anna Poppy's army, with HUGE thanks to Florence's parents who work for Haven (Bourne Leisure). PLEASE bring all the family and your wallets ;) and enjoy a mince pie and some Homefield festive fun!

If you wish to buy tickets before the fayre, please see the wonderful Mrs James in the office or simply ask Miss G or Mrs B...we can sort you out! See you tomorrow

Much love,

Miss G

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