BAFTA award winning performances!

What an incredibly busy week!

We have been rehearsing and then performing in our first nativity production, we have had our first 'school' Christmas dinner, we have had our charity disco (our first disco at school which does not normally happen until the Summer term), we have been busy elves making our bespoke Christmas decorations to sell at tomorrow's Christmas Fayre... and then add in germs for poor old me :(

But it doesn't stop our festive cheer!

We have been playing the Gingerbread Maths game and practising our counting and matching skills with amounts to five. Here is a link so you can play at home!

Next week will see lots of Christmas cheer...maybe another email from Santa too... We shall be finishing our Christmas cards and making some entertaining calendars for you to treasure.

If anyone has any problems, queries, concerns or even some positive comments, we would love to hear and are ALWAYS happy to chat (It's just finding the right time that can be tricky!).

Have a fab weekend everyone and I hope to see as many of you as possible at our Christmas Fayre.

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