Watch out Kirstie Allsop...we have Christmas crafting nailed!

Hello on a blustery Thursday afternoon! Am writing ahead of my normal blog day as there has been lots happening and lots to share, and I may not remember it all by then.

This week we have been busy producing Christmas cards and calendars for our nearest and dearest. We have used lots of different skills to make these and also had lots of fun too! I know that I am very proud of everyone's efforts and we hope that you will be too! The first batches have been sent home this afternoon and the remainder will be sent home as and when the children are in. Here is a sneaky peak of what to expect...

2019 Ark Christmas cards and calendars

For our cards, Mrs Borrett painted our feet with white paint to produce a footprint. Some people found this highly entertaining whilst some wriggled, squirmed and giggled away! We hope you will treasure these cards as reminders of how lickle we were in December 2019! Once dry, we then drew eyes and mouths onto our snowmen and added foam noses, hats and scarves (with additional sparkle if desired). We rounded these off with snowflakes. Inside we have tried to trace over the letters of our name, with some children attempting to write their name. We will, later in the year, focus heavily on name writing. At the moment we are building the strength down our arms, and practising forming pre-writing patterns with control and coordination. These patterns mimic the way we will write the different letters.

For our calendars, we used Miss G's Ipad and an app similiar to SnapChat (but with better E-Safety provision). Some of us were VERY savvy in knowing how to take a selfie, whilst others enjoyed learning. We then looked at the different elements that we could add to our photographs, including head-wear, eyes and eye wear, mouths and facial hair! We had lots of fun and hope that our calendars will keep everyone entertained across 2020!

If you did not make it to the school Christmas Fayre on Saturday 7th December, we still have some of the children's bespoke handprint ornaments for sale. We are so pleased to hear lots of positive feedback, to see the ornaments hung on trees at home via Tapestry. On Monday we talked about how our hardwork had made some pennies for the Ark and we looked at ideas for toys to spend our pennies on. As it was a 3for2 event with ELC, Miss G quickly worked out a savvy deal for some new small world toys which should arrive next Tuesday. Here are some photos to show off our hard work... and YES we did these ourselves (albeit in 1-to-1 groups with a little time taken).

We have also been enjoying a "Reading Advent" whereby a different child in the different sessions is picked to choose a wrapped Christmas story from the Christmas sack. We have really enjoyed the surprise of the stories, with today being a very appropriate Jack Frost by David Melling. Check out Monty the Maths Monkey in our Reading Area enjoying all those books!

We will be launching an exciting idea for reading for pleasure in the new stay tuned!

Reading Advent

With just four more school days before the holidays, time is running out! So don't forget, there is NO nursery after Wednesday 18th December as that is the start of the Christmas break.

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