Get the party started on a Nursery Day...

We have now completed our first term in The Ark... that's 1/3 of our Nursery year already gone! Woah, that is a scary thought.... but we have had so much fun along the way and I hope you all agree!

This week we only had three days, and that's to those who attend every day as not all of us do. So, what did we do this week? Well we started the week with finishing off calendars and Christmas cards for those who have been away due to ill health or holidays. And the rest of the time... playing! We have had fun enjoying new toys and strengthening our friendships and social skills.

This week saw the arrival of some new toys...some the children have "bought" from the profits of our class stall at the PTA Christmas Fayre and one I have been desperate to have since leaving another school eight years ago (and will now keep so that I can have a secret play!) Unfortunately one delivery came on the last day of term...but we were VERY excited when it was opened (even though we helped to choose them, so not really a surprise!).

The marble run has definitely been a HUGE hit since it's arrival on Tuesday. There has been amazing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills displayed with lots of "ticks" for the Characteristics of Effective

That troublesome elf has been hiding in books, posing as Santa from Santa's Beard by Matilda Tristram and Tom Duxbury! We have even seen some follow their children to keep a watchful eye on them in Nursery... (or to join in on our fun!)!!

Wednesday saw Party Day. Mrs B and I were upset that some children have missed the Christmas party due to being unwell. We really missed you but there will be other parties in the future, so don't worry! We just want you all to get well soon and to really enjoy your Christmas with your families and loved ones.

On Party Day we boogied to music across the genres and eras: From "Baby Shark" to "Time Warp" (which we didn't like too much), from "The Music Man" to "Shotgun" by George Ezra... and of course we had to have a bit of Dave! So we air-guitaired and air-drummed to Foo Fighters' "Learn to Fly"! We also showed Elsa how to sing "Let it Go", which was quite possibly heard in the next county!

On top of all our best moves and pitch perfect voices, we had some classic games including Musical Statues and Pass the Parcel. Mrs B is in training for wrapping Pass the Parcels hee hee... her parcel had less layers but was twice the size and exactly the same as Miss G's!

And don't forget the party food!!! Yum yum!

So 2020... sounds a long time away, but it isn't really! We shall look at Nursery Rhymes as our topic when we come back to The ark. We shall also be welcoming a new friend too!

Homework... ? For the holidays?! Well of course there is!

1). PLAY!

2) Play with new toys and old favourites!

3) Watch favourite Christmas movies with your family and enjoy hugs, cuddles, giggles and tickles! Talk about your favourite bits and who was your favourite character.

4) Go for festive walks nearby...breathe in the fresh air, hold hands and jump in the leaves/play in the snow (weather depending!).

5) Use your little gift from us... make them hands strong ;)

6). Rest ... this term has been busy.

On behalf of all staff in The Ark, may I thank you all for your extremely kind words and cards, and the presents we received. We were very overwhelmed by your generosity and want to extend our gratitude to you all! Here is a little poem by one of our Daddies that I thought I should share with you all

May you all have a wonderful Christmas full of the very best of health, cheer, laughter and fun. May your New Year be a super celebration in whichever way you choose to see in 2020, and may 2020 be a year full of the very best health, happiness, peace and prosperity. See you in 2020!

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