Hello 2020!

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Ark blog! We hope you all had fabulous Christmas festivities and are all well. We have already finished our first full week back in Nursery and have lots to share...

This week we welcomed a new member to the Ark. This is not usual as we generally only take in one intake of children each year which is the year before the children start school. This means we are all settled at the start of the school year and we only stay in The Ark for three terms. Our latest addition was meant to start with us in September but is with us now...YEAH!

We have altered our settling in time too... As we are all confident in leaving our grown-ups at the start of the session, we are now taking part in Linked Provision. This is where the children take part in targeted activities related to specific skills. For this half term they will all be Funky Fingers based, supporting the development of the muscles and joints in our arms/hands, to prepare us for writing, holding pens and pencils and being able to manipulate and control these, One activity is "freeing the superheroes" as Evil Pea has caught them with nuts and bolts! Using our pinchy fingers, we strengthen our DIP and PIP joints whilst having a little fun too!

We have made the local press too... Over Christmas we were featured online with the Great Yarmouth Mercury for our superb fundraising to help our Anna and her family in raising funds for alternative medical treatments abroad. I am really pleased to say that this has been published in this week's Great Yarmouth Mercury (page 4!) and hopefully will raise the profile of Anna Poppy's Army so that funding can be reached for Cancer treatment abroad. Again, thank you to everyone for your kindness, generosity and enthusiasm in our fun charity work.

What else has happened...? Well Mr Wrinkles has had a "Gok Wan" makeover thanks to a wonderful Nanny in The Ark family. Mr Wrinkles has been measured and fitted better than any Saville Row suit makers thanks to 'Sew Good' seamstress "Nanny Julie". He now has a proper fitting Ark uniform AND Homefield uniform (complete with tie) should we go back to "Big School". He has even had a pair of custom made dinosaur pajamas added to his wardrobe! I think I may have been more excited than the children, I am not sure! But the generosity of "Nanny Julie" means that Monty the Maths Monkey is also receiving Saville Row treatment! I am very humbled and overwhelmed by the skill and kindness of Sew Good, so thank you!!!

This week, as we were getting back into the swing of things after our longest school holiday to date, we changed PE slightly and added into a short yoga session. This was to enable us to revisit and refresh ourselves with the rules and routines of PE, to enable extra time for shoes and socks in case we had not practiced over Christmas... But it has led to a light bulb moment. What was going to be a trial and maybe one-off yoga session, is now going to be quite heavily featured this half term! The children absolutely LOVED it and were so engaged, attentive and amazing at this new activity. We took part in a short yoga session in the hall using the interactive whiteboard and a yoga session from Cosmic Kids Yoga. Here is the link should you wish to practise at home.


Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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