Baa Baa Black Sheep


This week we have focused on Baa Baa Black Sheep...or as one member of the Ark has been heard singing at bedtime, "Blah Blah Black Sheep!" We have used Charanga music site to practise our singing of this nursery rhyme (with Charanga's funky take on it) and then Andy from Cbeebies to sing and sign the rhyme. We do feel very proud of our little choir!

This week we have had instruments to our singing, after some practise with our finger beaters and hand chime bars. The children were amazing, with most playing in time to Charanga. This may be a simple rhythm, but there is lots of research which highlights the importance of music, singing, nursery rhymes and reading development!

As one of our adult-led activities, we have been filling and emptying coloured rice and using mathematical words such as 'full', 'empty' and 'half-full.' Rice is much more fun than wool, and the pouring skill is a good one to practise and again fun too!

We have also been practising our counting skills in an adult-led activity. We have been counting Baa Baa Black Sheep and his friends, whilst also looking at subitising. This is a maths skill where one recognises the quantity without counting based on its pattern. Dice and dominoes patterns are a common 'regular' form of subitising, as are Numicon patterns for numbers.

Well done to all the children who have been singing the weekly nursery rhyme at home and having it uploaded to Tapestry. They are genuinely a delight to watch and I am amazed at the creativity this year! We may need to be holding awards hee hee!

This week we have also looked at Number 6 as our Number of the Week. Here is a link to "The Story of 6"... it can be repetitive but this is helpful for the children in learning their numbers. Sadly I do not think it works on tablets/phones, but if you have a laptop or PC, the children do enjoy the games.

"Table Jobs" are working well at the start of each session. The children are enjoying the different Funky Fingers activities which will be helping the development of their muscles and joints throughout their arms ready for writing. I think the Cheerios on spaghetti has been the fave of the week...

See you next week! :D

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