Miss Polly's Dolly

This week we have been learning about Miss Polly and her poorly dolly. We have had dollies with 'pox' on the small world table, with the Doctor's bag and some telephones... and lots of children taking on the role of Miss Polly or the Doctor!

In phonics we have been looking at the "Odd One Out" with rhyming pairs in our whiteboard games. This has been tricky but we will continue to work on our listening skills and our awareness of rhyme to help us discriminate which word doesn't 'sound the same'.

We have also been looking at 'more' and 'less' using the Mucky Monsters game! Again, this is a tricky concept. In life we often talk about one more biscuit, or five more minutes before bedtime...but we don't consciously use the word 'less' as often and this is the word we tend to struggle with. Hopefully if you click on the picture below, it will take you to the game!

After playing this game together we have been playing as doctors and identifying which of Miss Polly's dollies has more/less spots. For those of us who are confident in this we have then extended our game with some 'more' or 'less' problem solving.

In PE we have continued with our yoga adventures in the jungle with Jamie from Cosmic Kids on You Tube. Next week we will be learning new yoga positions with a new story... Yeah!

Next week also sees our block of Bushcraft with Mr Earle, Jeanette and Ben on Monday afternoons. Try to remember your wellies!

Next week is clearly an exciting week as lots of bits and bobs are happening... Including the first Secret Reader!

Have a great weekend and see you soon!

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