Incy Wincy Spider...

Hmmm... I need to think of some more interesting blog openers, aside from..."Another busy week..."

AHHHHHHHHHHH Spider! Hello! This week has been spider week in The Ark, courtesy of Incy Wincy Spider! We have been singing one of our favourite nursery rhymes with Charanga music programme, offering a slightly Bollywood take on the song. This action rhyme is also great for getting our hands moving and flexing our Funky Fingers!

Mrs B has been working with the children to find out which material would be best for keeping poor Incy Wincy dry, as he does hate falling down that drainpipe and getting wet! Whilst not off poorly, the children and I have been exploring which "sticky stuff" (common nursery adhesives like glue sticks, Blu Tac etc) will keep Incy Wincy stuck to his drainpipe to avoid falling down! The children have loved investigating and have been great at using their senses to explore the different materials and make early predictions on what might be best in both scenarios! We have also had talks about things which make us feel scared and how to deal with such emotions and that such feelings are ok!

This week has seen the start of "Secret Readers", a nursery initiative we are trialling. The idea is to have "Secret" people come in on timetabled sessions to read a story to the children. We have had two Mummies and two Daddies so far, who (I hope!) have really enjoyed reading to the children as much as the children have enjoyed listening to them! I am hoping to get some of the wider community involved, but we shall see. Dates are only posted for this term as we need to wait for the summer term dates from main school in case things come up that could prevent a session etc. But as soon as this are ready after Easter, more slots will become available. There is also a list of stories that have been read so far, for anyone worried that they could be repeating a story! And as mentioned, I own half a children's library which is in the nursery cupboard and am happy to lend as is the local libraries! Thanks to everyone who has signed up! We hope this will have a huge impact of developing a love for books and well as some hilarious faces when a child's grown-up walks in as a surprise hee hee.

Next week we will be focusing on "Hey Diddle Diddle" as our nursery rhyme alongside number '9'. We have some special reading jobs as part of our adult focused activities, and if time, we shall also explore lots of positional language with our rhyme. Yoga and Bushcraft will continue alongside all our other busy and bustling fun.

Sign-up sheets will be made available for Parents Evening, which is Tuesday 11th and Thursday 13th February. Please speak to me if these are not convenient and I will see what I can do but no promises. As before, Parents Evening will be held in main school so that children can go into the hall with peers into Afterschool Club.

Next week is also our Funky Fingers Workshop- Friday 7th February. This is where we shall talk about children's pencil grip and control is determined by their physical development, starting at the shoulder and progressing down the arm. We will have fun examples of activities that are easy to do that will help your child in fine tuning their joints and muscles. We also have tea and biscuits available and Mrs Jones and I are very friendly! It would be great to see as many of you as possible!

On that note, it is time to make next week's resources and take a look at our Tapestry uploads. Thanks for all the wonderful nursery rhyme singing and your support.

Miss G

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