Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Greetings from a yucky, windy and rainy Sunday! This week's blog post is not about the Nursery Rhyme Rain, Rain, Go Away... but actually Hey Diddle Diddle! I hope wherever you are reading this, you are all snuggled up, warm and out of Storm Ciara!

This week we have been learning about Hey Diddle Diddle and have used our super reading powers to read logos and signs within our environment. This is always a fun activity as the children can have funny ideas about what logos and signs mean... "That's at Centre Parks", "That's Daddy's coffee!" ... Yup, you guessed it! Starbucks! The children have felt very clever in their reading of print in the environment, demonstrating their eagerness and awareness of print in their everyday lives. We will be setting up a "Homework Challenge" on this but don't fear...it is to simply collect some of the children's favourite "print" over the holidays (e.g. Haribo wrappers, Slush Puppy labelled cups etc).

We have also learnt number 9 this week as part of our Number of the Week. Many of us were keen to talk about how it looked like an upside down six too. We are getting ever increasingly better at using our fingers to count on and to represent numbers. Next week we will learn number 10 and the Nursery Rhyme 1-2-3-4-5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive. This has a double impact as in learning another new rhyme, learning a

counting song whereby we need to use our fingers accurately, but is also a counting on song as opposed to Five Speckled Frogs where we counted back. I am really looking forwards to the creative "music videos" on Tapestry for this one! Sadly, my attempts at being hysterically funny and calling the police on 999 to report my cow missing after jumping over the moon fell on deaf ears! Better luck next time...

A HUGE applause to everyone who has been busy singing nursery rhymes at home and performing them for Tapestry. This year has certainly been the most creative and humorous! We hope you have had as much fun as we have! I am tempted to carry our love of Nursery Rhymes on into next half term...what do you think?!

Another huge thank you to everyone who attended our Funky Fingers Workshop on Friday. It was great to see so many of you and I hope that aside from feeling comfortable and at ease, that you enjoyed the event and learnt some new bits and pieces too. We always aim to work together with our parents; being approachable, friendly and maybe a bit bonkers too! It was fabulous to see giggles, tea and biscuits being consumed and questions asked. Thanks again!

Next week is also Parents Evening. As with our last Parents evening, I will be in Mrs Clark's "Rainbow Room" next door to the main hall. There are still a few empty slots but if you cannot make these, please let me know and I will see what I can do! Scary to think we are now half-way through the Nursery year!

Enjoy the last of Sunday and the excuse to bake, watch movies and play games. I look forward to seeing you all next week!


Miss G

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