Happy Valentines xx

It is now the end of the first half of the Spring term... this means we are 50% way through the year...eeek! But what a long way the little Arklets have all come! Thanks to everyone who was able to make Parents Evening this week, I hope you found it informative, useful and any funny anecdotes were relayed!

This week we have been singing the nursery rhyme, 1-2-3-4-5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive. This has been a popular song this week and one we all seemed to know beforehand which is always nice to see. This has been picked on purpose as it also ties in with our Number of the Week... number 10! So we have been doing lots and lots of counting forwards and using our fingers, trying to ensure 1:1 correspondance (saying 1 number for each finger) until we reach our last tenth finger! We have also been lightly talking our which little finger is our right finger.

We have also had 3...yes 3... Secret Readers! Mr Smart and Miss Hunt, but also our local community police officer, PC Bladon!

PC Bladon read Cops and Robbers by Alan Alhberg and we even got to try on his hat and handcuffs, if we were brave enough!

In PE we have begun to explore the big climbing equipment in "Big School" working on our core strength, muscle and balance. Check us out...

Our Smartest Giant in Town Clothes Shop has ceased trading now. But it has been replaced by a combination of The Greatest Showman and The Ark Has Talent... it is now a "Show" area as we are constantly performing (and arranging the chairs infront of the doorway so that visitors, including the office staff, struggle to enter The Ark! Hee Hee. So be prepared for singing, music playing and hopefully some Dave Grohl!

Next week is half term, and the Arklets as well as the staff have all earned a well deserved break! After half-term we shall continue our Nursery Rhymes topic (as it has brought a few of our shy ones out of themselves) and we enjoy singing the songs! We shall begin learning initial sounds too; tuning our ears and brains into listening and picking out words which have the "Sound of the Week". This will not follow the satpin sound order due to the phonemes avaliable on our Phase 1 phonic games, but at this stage it does not matter which sounds we are learning...it's all about our listening ears.

Next half term may see visitors to The Ark as the next year's transition meeting takes place in April. Our Arklets are fanastic at welcoming visitors so I have no doubt that they will have their friendly faces on should any younger children come to take a look with their adults.

Have a great Valentines Day... It seems Jack Valentine has visited lots of people already! And even more importantly, have a fantastic half term break. We look forward to seeing you on/after the 24th February!

Miss G


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