It's the Greatest Show...

Welcome back after half term!

The little Arklets are back and raring to go...especially as our roleplay area is now a "Show". As we speak, the instruments are playing, voices are singing and the wigs and plastic clip-clop shoes are being worn! And that is just the boys ;)

We are continuing our topic of Nursery Rhymes as these provide vital skills, and are fun! The nursery rhymes topic has really brought children out of themselves and the confidence levels are soaring (which is a delight to see!). We LOVE playing the children's "music videos" on the interactive whiteboard and watching them sing their Nursery Rhyme of the Week. This week's rhyme is Little Miss Muffet!

We have been making playdough spiders with lots of us counting out eight eyes and eight legs for our creations. We have read AHHHHHH! Spider and talked about being scared of things, looking at scared faces and talking about how it is ok to be scared but also thinking of how to overcome things which scare us.

This half term in our Phase 1 Phonics we are learning about initial sounds. We are tuning our ears and brains into listening for particular sounds at the beginning of words. This will be super helpful when we go to Big School as we will have begun distinguishing sounds that we hear in words. This week's Sound of the Week is /s/. We have a new display board with all things /s/; snakes, spoons, smelly socks, sausages and popular characters like Scooby Doo, Snow White and Spiderman.

We have been playing I-Spy with a picture on the interactive whiteboard, drawing around things beginning with /s/. We have also been playing our game on the whiteboard where we have to select only the things beginning with /s/. Phonic Fairy has read us a story about a snake and has shown our Mummies and Daddies how to say the sound properly ;)

We have been assessing our numbers to ten, with many children now knowing all their numbers 0-10!!! And then there is our new Maths focus for the week...positional language. This has meant singing "Where's the Monkey?" which is a definite earworm song! But one teaching us lots of useful words to describe where things are...

Have a fantastic weekend and stay tuned for next week's blog post!

Miss G xx

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