The Ark LOVES Underpants!

This week has been a busy week (as always), but we did take time out to celebrate World Book Day by having fun with the story Aliens Love Underpants! We read the story and had Phonics Fairy read it to us too... We also decorated some pants and wore them like the aliens; on our heads and over our clothes! This is us after a trip to Big School where we visited the library and enjoyed our story. We enjoyed posing in our pants and chatting to staff and children in Big School...

We also had a Secret Reader on World Book Day... and one little chappie was extremely excited to see his Daddy. Thanks to all our Secret Readers so far...long may it continue!

Our focus on Aliens Love Underpants also led to some space travel and rocket making...

But that was just Thursday!!!

This week has been spent celebrating Old Macdonald. We have been singing with enjoyment (and signing of course!). We have been painting 1:1 with an adult; talking about the shapes and colours of our chosen farm animals so that we begin to draw what we see and include detail. We are SOOOOO impressed with the children's art...stay tuned for a new display!

They are fabulous, are they not!

We have also been exploring positional language with Old Macdonald's farm... using my best trickery I have given the children places to place the animals and they have been superb at completing the activity.

I think that is enough to convince you of just SOME of the fun we have had this week! Come back next week to see what we have been up to at The Ark!

Have a great weekend,

Miss G


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