A blooming good week...

This week has been another blooming lovely week ;)

We have been learning Mary, Mary Quite Contrary as our Nursery Rhyme of the Week, so Linked Provision has been to come in and draw a flower from the school grounds! It has been fabulous to see even our reluctant mark makers and artists pick up crayons, chalks, pencils and felts and create pictures of daffodils etc. The children have been encouraged to try writing their names by copying their name cards and over the week a lot of progress in drawing and confidence has occurred!

We have been planting sunflowers in Miss G's special greenhouses and these are proudly hanging in our window. We already have some starting to shoot and are getting really excited about what will happen...Stay tuned!

We hope to plant one each at The Ark and then send one home to be planted in the garden. How exciting!!!

We have a special secret mission happening this week too...but it cannot be revealed. Lets just say next Sunday will see some beaming smiles and hopefully some happy tears!

In Phonics we are learning to listen and distinguish the /m/ sound at the beginning of words. On our display we have Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Minions and Mike from Monsters Inc! We have also raided The Ark for all things /m/... We have played At the Party (our favourite phonic game so far) where we have to drag and drop all the items beginning with /m/. Our favourite bit is where the clown (and us) juggle to a jolly tune at the end hee hee!

We have revisited number 6 through songs and games and had three Secret Readers this week! This week saw our first Grandad come to read too. We are so proud that Grandad left with a beaming smile and spoke of our lovely manners. Well done guys!


Please can parents ensure that anyone with or suspected contagious illnesses does not attend nursery until the specified quarantine period. We have a duty of care to protect ALL staff and children. Children have a great resilience and not all bugs demonstrate symptoms beyond the first episode, but will be contagious still. Thanks.

A letter about Corona Virus has also been written and sent today. Copies for children not in Nursery today will be given when we next see you or can be viewed via the main school website.

Sorry to end on a negative note.... but be sure to come back next week to see how EGGciting our week has been!

Miss G


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