Not goodbye, just see you soon...

This could be the last blog post for a while... I don't want to say 'Goodbye' but rather a 'See you soon'. Fingers crossed this precautionary measure will be over soon and we can all return to normal and be back to normal Ark life (Or that I wake up from all this!!!)

This week we have been learning about Humpty Dumpty as our Nursery Rhyme of the Week. With this in mind we have focused on the phoneme /h/ in our phonic games, identifying characters like Hulk and Harry Potter who begin with this sound. Phonic Fairy has taught us how to say the sound and the 'Caption Action' to help us remember /h/. Please see what you can find on the /h/ I-Spy, or find items at home that begin with this sound.

We were meant to be experimenting with materials to find out what would best protect Humpty Dumpty from a after a frantic and long expedition around the supermarkets to find 30 eggs, many hard-boiled Humpty Dumptys have gone in the bin :( However those who did get to take part absolutely LOVED IT!!

Due to current circumstances, we have sent home sunflower seedlings to those who have attended The Ark. They have certainly grown a lot since their initial planting last week. The others shall be here at school and kept safe so they can flourish...

Home Learning has already been made available on the main school website and a message has been placed on Tapestry to signpost you to this. I saw a brilliant piece of advice about NOT timetabling every minute of every day and being 'fluid' with your children at home. They will be worried and anxious so we all need to support them as best as we can through fun activities and dripping in Home Learning, as well as plenty of cuddles and laughter.

On Thursday we painted the playground 'red' ... and blue and yellow. We took out our decorators brushes and painted with powder paint all over the playground. We also took our brooms out with bubble water to 'wash' the paint away. It was a great way to exercise our shoulder pivots and to mark make, but to also explore colour mixing.

Our number of the week has been '7' again and we have revisited this through songs, games and Numicon.

As I said, see you's not farewell! Stay safe, keep washing them hands and hope to see you soon!

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