All in, all aboard and off we go!

It seems so strange finally writing that we have everybody in at The Ark. But finally we have and what adventures are awaiting us!

The children are really working hard at carrying in their belongings and putting them away themselves! We are so, so proud of each and every one of you as it is tricky when you are only three or four-years old! Mr Wrinkles and I will be making a video to help- we have started but have been unable to finish it. So watch this space!

AS A REMINDER: to ease things for all at The Ark, can children carry in their water bottles so that these are placed in the water bottle box. It may sound small but it helps SOOOOO much in what is already a bustling and busy part of the day. Thanks!

Now we are all in, we have been looking more and more at our topic "Ourselves". Over the course of the day the children have felt more confident in using the velcro face to illustrate how they or others feel. I have used it to talk about feeling 'sad' or 'grumpy' when someone has made a 'bad choice' and how it can make them feel inside as well as a person who has been affected by a bad choice, including an adult. We even had a funny afternoon pulling faces and talking about these different emotions, whilst relating it to The Colour Monster story by Anna Llenas, as we try to explore emotions and words other than 'happy' and 'sad'.

In addition to our display, we have spent time looking in our All About Me books and talking about our favourite things, our families and our homes. The children are beginning to share their books with their peers as they begin to form early friendships! Well done! 😁💕

As we are technically a fortnight behind, we have implemented some adult-led activities 'early' so that we can complete a "Baseline" for each child; knowing where they started from and what they can do next to move on throughout their learning across the whole curriculum. You will soon see Next Steps written on some observations. These are ideas for staff and parents in jointly supporting each child in their learning and as a documented way to look back upon to plan future topics and/or activities. Don't worry! These take time and are not expected to be completed at home immediately; but just give an idea of where we will be moving on next.

As it has been such bad weather, some may say the floods of Noah, we have explored mark making and colour mixing (like our friend The Colour Monster) on the wet pavement and in the puddles! We had great fun using powder paint to 'turn puddles different colours' and to make marks or even create 'new' colours! Let’s hope for some sunshine next week so we can make use of the tyres, bikes, scooters and other outdoor resources!

As a reminder:

Nursery/School finishes on Wednesday 21st October for half term, with two INSET days for staff. Children will be back from Monday 2nd November 2020 (unless changes are made by the Government?).

Parents Evening will be from Monday 16th November until Friday 20th November. A link was sent but will be resent nearer the time. So if you have not made a booking, do not worry. Appointments will be a strict 10 minutes and need to be either a telephone call or a virtual meeting e.g. Google Meet due to COVID-19.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all next week!

Miss G

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