A Leaf Man's got to go where the wind blows...

This week has been a strange one...one that has felt very long but also one that has whipped past like a gust of wind! It just means that in The Ark we are having so much fun and feeling tired from all the fab times we have.

This week, alongside our Baseline Assessments, we have listened to the story The Leaf Man by Lois Elhert. This is a fantastic story especially at this time of year as it gets your imagination bubbling with all those autumnal leaves blowing about in the wind. Could that pile of leave hide a real Leaf Man?

The children have been busy using the interactive whiteboard to create their own Leaf Man, Leaf Woman (or Leaf Alien!) by dragging and dropping the natural objects. I think they are AMAZING and I am sure you will agree! It has led to lots of chats about emotions and how are faces look when we are 'happy' or 'sad' or even 'tired' and 'grumpy'.

We have even looked for some natural objects outside on the big playground so that we can create our own Leaf Men and Leaf Women in a transient art activity within continuous provision; the children create their artwork but it is not stuck down '...then the wind can blow...' or we can tidy everything away and construct another one later!

Dare I mention the word 'Christmas'!!! Sorry! Not wanting to let COVID-19 mess with life at The Ark anymore than it has/ or will, Miss B and I are desperate to recreate what we did last year with the children. Last year, as part of the school PTA Christmas Fayre, we made clay handprint Christmas decorations and made them look like Father Christmas. They were very 'bespoke' and 'posh' and were well loved by all who received whilst giving us a little cash fund to buy some new toys and resources with. This year we aim to do the same but due to COVID-19 there will sadly not be a Christmas Fayre. Instead I would like to offer you the opportunity to pre-order your child's clay decoration (and you can request extras too for Nannies and Grandads etc). Details are all on Tapestry, but here is a preview of last year's and a sneak peek of what we intend to make.

Well it is now time to close the doors to The Ark for half term, but we shall be back very soon for more fun and learning! Stay safe and have a great half term everyone!

Miss G


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