Lest we forget

It has been another busy and bustling week here in The Ark. We paid tribute to our fallen servicemen on Wednesday 11th November by learning about "Poppy Day." We had already made a cross for each serviceman in Bradwell who lost their life in World War 1 or World War 2, each adorned with a special fingerprint poppy from a member of The Ark. We then made a giant poppy using recycled materials in different shades of red.

On Wednesday we re-watched the CBeebies cartoon called "Poppies" which is an age-appropriate and short animation to help young children learn about Remembrance Day. Here is a link if you have not seen it before:

We then walked down to the new memorial garden and laid our work down. We paid a moment to think about those brave people who have kept us safe and who continue to do so. Well done my little Arklets!

This week we have begun learning the story of Noah's Ark. We have read the story from a variety of different books and online stories. As part of our learning we have been investigating floating and sinking...Noah and all his animals would not want to sink whilst all aboard! Here is a photo of our topic wall with our feelings board (this stays up all the time whatever our new topic might be!).

We have had lots of fun investigating whether things float or sink; we have used our name cards to make our predictions of what we think will happen, by placing it on the correct side of the prediction board.

This week our Number of the Week is number two. We have enjoyed exploring number two and especially as Noah took his animals on his ark two by two... Here is our Number of the Week table. Can you find anything at home or on the way to school that is "two"...?

Have a great weekend! I wonder what we will be exploring next week...? Stay tuned to find out!

Miss G


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