Elmer the elephant and being different

Last week saw us wear odd socks on Friday 20th November as part of "Odd Socks Day" celebrating being different and as part of Anti-Bullying Week. There were lots of us in all differently coloured and patterned socks! Check us out...

We also watched the CBeebies presenter, Ben Cajee talking about people being unkind when he was younger because he was 'different'. So in The Ark, we had a good ole' chat about how being different is good and how we should always be kind. Here is the link to Ben's short message which has gone viral and attracted many views:

This week we started looking at Elmer the elephant who is different. Elmer is a multicoloured patchwork elephant who one day felt sad about being different... but he soon discovered that being different and special is a good thing. So we have been celebrating our differences, our uniqueness, our skills and talents just like Elmer. We have made our very own Elmers using milk bottles and they look fantastic!

We have also had a secret visitor this week! Yesterday, whilst opening the windows and pulling the blinds up, we only discovered a cheeky elf! Luckily for us our elf has self-isolated in a special box in which he can keep an eye on us. He is armed with a notebook and pen, some snow from the North Pole, his snow shovel and is following COVID-19 precautions with a face mask too. But on top of all this excitement, the elf has been caught swinging on our disco ball and has left us a video message! We are all in awe at what might happen when his quarantine period ends...

Our Christmas fundraiser has been spent.. oops! But we have some super new resources to enjoy ranging from dominoes to learn a new turn taking game, but also to help us subitise (recognise a quantity without counting- like six spots on a dice). We have some new roleplay toys including fire fighters tool cases, a builders belt with tools and an ironing board! And this doesn't include the K-nex we showed you previously! Thank you everyone for your orders...the Arklet elves are busy working and these will be finished and with you Very soon ;)

Our Number of the Week has been number four and we are continuing to tune into environmental sounds, with this week being the seaside! Those children are just so clever...I cannot trick them one bit!

Have a lovely weekend everyone...who know what will happen with an unleashed elf! EEK!

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