5 Fat Caterpillars Living in a Pot...

Dave, Taylor, Nate, Pat and Peter Andre are all doing well in their little pot/home courtesy of Insect Lore. LOTS of food has been munched and the caterpillar crew are HUGE in comparison to last week let alone the week they arrived. We were very excited today because Taylor (Hawkins) crept up to the top of the pot last night (Whilst having a sleepover at Miss G's) and has begun to hang from the lid as he metamorphoses into his chrysalis! This morning we watched our "babies" on the camera via the interactive whiteboard and we even saw a caterpillar poo live! Well... you can imagine the laughter that that brought!

As the caterpillars are in the stage of getting reading to become chrysalides I have left them in Nursery for the weekend so that they do not receive any sudden movements which could cause harm. We are all excited for what will be in The ark come Monday... watch this space!

This week we have been learning more about caterpillars and the change (metamorphosis) to butterflies. We have watched our "babies" on the interactive whiteboard LOTS and we have been looking closely at them as we pass them carefully around the circle at the start of each session. There are lots of Arklets whose first task of the session is to come and check on the caterpillars and to see if they are butterflies yet (despite us talking about how many sleeps this will take!).

Mr Young came to see us on Tuesday and saw how well we are progressing with our Metal Mike work in Phonics. This week we have even been trying to talk like Metal Mike, using our sounds to make words! This skills (segmenting), breaking words down into their sounds (phonemes) is trickier than blending but is what helps us when we learn and begin to write. Mr Young was very impressed with our manners, our behaviour and our phonics. we hope he visits again!

We have also been thinking about symmetry this week. Yes, symmetry! Although we are lickle, we can still expose ourselves to big words and big ideas so that later in time we will remember that we have seen these ideas before. Miss B and I have been amazed at the children's interest and skill with the games which I shall mention in a minute...

We looked at symmetry because butterfly wings are symmetrical. This means they are "the same" on both sides and are "the mirror image" of one another. We have explored lots of practical activities with butterfly wings...please take a look!

We have used different construction blocks (Duplo and MegaBlox) with cut halves of butterflies stuck on and have had to match the two symmetrical images to complete the butterflies. We LOVED this especially as they were different sizes, colours and patterns. We also have had an arrangement of differently patterned butterflies where one wing was missing and we had to match them too.We have really enjoyed looking at symmetry and different butterflies!

In our adult-led activities we have taken part in the "Awe and Wonder" of symmetry; painting one half of a butterfly, folding the paper and seeing the "magic" appear! We also took part in some early problem-solving activities with symmetrical butterflies and tried placing the shapes in the correct places. We have really tried hard at this and it has helped us to develop our close observation skills!

Some of us even tried making our own symmetrical butterflies using the pattern blocks and butterfly templates!

We have really enjoyed playing two of the games on Topmarks to help support our understanding of symmetry.

Here are two links that you may wish to explore:



Then add in a new roleplay area (The Hairdressers!), two new displays of our amazing work (still in progress) and a Bank Holiday Monday...we have been very busy Arklets!

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this week's blog and we hope to see you next week! Who knows what may have happened....!?

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