Everyone is in or should I say 'on board' and The Ark has set sail for a year of adventures! We still have some spaces left if you are looking for teacher-led provision for your three-year old!

The children are settling and learning the routines of The Ark. We have begun to read some of the fantastic Jenny Moseley stories about 'Golden Rules' so that the children can learn what is expected of

them at nursery. The stories are very age-appropriate and illustrate reasons why we need to look after our toys (otherwise they will break, get lost etc) and what could happen if we do not follow the rule. There is always a positive

end to the story and as they are animal characters too, they lend themselves even more to The Ark.

This week Miss B and I have begun to make some Baseline Assessments. This is so that we know where each child started in each area of learning, so we know what their Next Steps should be and how to help the children and parents in building upon their learning. This week has seen the children become a pirate with Miss B and to explore naming colours of treasures in a treasure chest! Whilst with me, the children have had fun with a metal detector whilst unearthing shapes hidden in shredded paper, using the 'beep' of the metal detector to locate each hidden shape.

We have also begun to choose children to play a musical instrument in time to one of our Charanga Nursery Rhymes, mainly Baa Baa Black Sheep! We have become very confident in 'tinging' to the beat with our finger onto our hand, so now we are using a triangle and beater instead.

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