All the b's; butterflies, balloons, bears and balls!

What a dreary, wet week we have had! Good job life in Nursery is full of fun and madness! This week we have been learning about snails as our Minibeast of the Week. We have learnt about the body parts of a snail, watched Jess from Minibeast Adventures with Jess who has told us lots of facts, and made own our reproduction of a piece of modern art!

Did you know snails have thousands of teeth! No neither did we!

Here are some examples of our snail masterpieces which have been inspired by the artist Henri Matisse. After suffering from ill health, Matisse was no longer able to paint works of art. So he took up collage, but named it 'Painting with Scissors'. So, in conjunction with revisiting 2D shapes for a second week, we have been modern artists too!

Snail by Henri Matisse 1953

Don't our masterpieces look just like Matisse's?!

We have also been exploring 'gloop' and creating our own snail trails. We have LOVED exploring this hee hee

This week we have had three of our chrysalides hatch so far... The first two, Dave (Grohl) and Peter Andre, were super quick at hatching...however today, Taylor really took his time. We have a video and enjoyed watching this fascinating event. However, the children do not know yet but Taylor's wings will never unfold as he took too long to come out of his chrysalis and didn't then pump his wings immediately. Taylor is now in my back garden on a daffodil flower as he will not learn to fly sadly. Here is hoping we have one more that will hatch and then on Monday we can let them free! I shall try and edit this for next week...

We have continued to all have turns at being caterpillars/butterflies in our chrysalides and 'breaking out' - here is an example hee hee

We have also experienced special PE enrichment! We have played warm up games and training games for Tchoukball, which we really loved! The wind and rain does not ever dampen our fun!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Miss G


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