Allo allo allo, what's going on 'ere then?

What another busy week in The Ark! This week's story, as part of our "In a land, far, far away" topic, has been two fabulous stories by the talented Allan and Janet Ahlberg; Cops and Robbers, and Burglar Bill! The children have loved learning about the role of police officers through stories, non-fiction texts, TV shows like CBeebies Let's Play, and a special DVD we have about People Who Help Us!

As it is an assessment week across school we have revisited some concepts again in our assessments. Miss B has been a burglar and stolen coloured treasures unless a police officer Arklet can name the correct colour! Wow, we are really fabulous at our colours...including tricky ones like brown, grey, gold and silver! I have had the opposite role and been PC Grant with various robbers. My robbers have been stealing numbered gems, jewels and coins from my backpack. It is amazing at the number of numerals from zero to ten that many of us can now recognise. Some of us can even order them! Well done everyone!

On Wednesday we were treated to a special visit from PC Bladon and PC Hunter. This was fabulous as we all got to try on different police hats and a police jacket. We learnt about the roles our officers play i the community, as well as seeing that boys and girls can be police officers. We also saw that police officers are just like our own Mummies and Daddies, especially as PC Bladon is a Daddy for children at Big School! The best bit was letting the sirens blast and 'scaring' Big School hee hee!

We have also been gardening again! My garden is over-burdened by poppies- I was too generous with my seed sprinkling last year -oops! But this means we can plant some poppies in our garden and around the boundaries. This has been extremely popular! More to be replanted...stay tuned!

We have also befriended a tame robin so have now filled a bird feeder with seed and wait in anticipation to see whether Robbie Robin finds it!

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay tuned for next week! Next week's story features a bear... but which one?!


Miss G xx

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