Bzz Bzz Busy Bees

This week we have learnt about bees... mainly Honey Bees but none the less all has been buzzing and busy!

We are very fortunate to have burrowing bees which live close to the nursery so we have gone out to watch them and this has dispelled some myths of bees (e.g. they all live in hives, they will hurt you if you are nearby). We have learnt about the life cycle of a bee and we have watched this via videos online too.

One of our adult-led activities this week was to paint a honeybee. Miss G modelled how to draw a honeybee, breaking the process down into stages. We talked about the number of main body parts (3); namely the head, thorax and abdomen and what shapes these were. We painted these first before then adding details such as eyes and antennas to the head, wings to the abdomen and legs to the thorax/abdomen and stripes to the abdomen, with some adding a stinger or pollen to the legs too! Not only did this provide lots of opportunities to chat, this also produced wonderful and detailed paintings! Look!!!

With Miss G we learnt about the infamous "Waggle Dance" of the bees. We imagined we were bees and used pipettes to act as our bee tongues (proboscis) and we flew to differently coloured flowers and 'drank' their nectar before returning to our hive to deposit the nectar and take part in the waggle dance (to tell our fellow bees which flowers had nectar and where they were!). This was LOTS of fun!

Whilst all of this was happening we had a special delivery... Our very own "baby insects". We have just received five baby caterpillars which are now named Dave (Grohl), Taylor (Hawkins), Nate (Mendel), Pat (Smear) and Peter Andre! We are enjoying watching them munch and move and cannot wait to see them grow and change... Watch this space! Next week will be Caterpillar Week, so tune in to see what we do and learn!

In phonics we are learning to aurally (ears and brain) segment (break down) and blend (put together) sound (phonemes) to make words. The Arklets have LOVED this new skill and have taken to it surprisingly well! Many of us have made our own Metal Mike robots and have enjoyed posting the correct picture when an adult has 'robot-talked' a word! We will continue to build up this skill this half term as it will greatly support our transition to Reception and abilities in learning to read!

Hope you have enjoyed this wee's news...come back soon!

Miss G


PS: We can accommodate a good number of children depending on hours desired... If you want to join us in September, call Mrs James on the main school phone number on the flyer below!

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