C'Mon England! You have the support of the Arklets

Apologies for no blog post last week! Norovirus struck me and then, once well again, I returned to a very busy week. I cannot believe that it is almost the end of the year... but looking back at our first day photos I can see how much everyone has grown over the year!

We have been looking at "We're Going On a Bear Hunt" over the last fortnight; learning the repeated refrains to the story and acting this out with our small world Bear Hunt scene. We have also been preparing all week for our virtual Sports Day... Sadly due to the 'nasty germs', we cannot host a Sports Day like we typically would. But that does not stop us at The Ark! So we have had a Sports Week; we have been out as much as we possibly can in conjunction with the weather and the other classes who need their time outside too. We have recorded different races and included as many people as possible so that aside from those poorly or on holiday, everyone has been captured in at least three events. We had LOTS of fun and maybe more importantly, we demonstrated true team spirit and cheered on all our friends and celebrated everyone's skills and efforts!

We have also been "nah nah nah-ring" all week too! The Vindaloo2 song is certainly the Arklet anthem of 2021, with many of us knowing ALL the words. We have loved playing this, having England flags painted on our faces and cheering on the England team in this year's (delayed) Euro2020. Miss B and I are very keen to celebrate England's successes as this could be the year it does ' Come home,' and what an event that will be! We are committed to celebrating this historic event as we, in our lifetimes, have not witnessed our country win a prestigious football tournament, and this could be a pinnacle event for the Arklets! And after the misery of COVID-19, we all need a great pick me up too! Gareth Southgate has been an inspirational role model to all, as are many of the England squad, so when ourselves face times of challenge, we can look to these guys for inspiration. And that is said by Miss G, who aside from supporting England in international events, doesn't normally support a football team.

We have also been working very secretively... as it is Mr Wrinkles' 4th birthday on Monday 19th July! (Well it is the final week of the school year and in lieu of a school trip and to try to compensate for most Arklets not being able to have a birthday party this year, Miss B and I will organise the best birthday party we can for our little ones). So we have been busy reading stories about birthdays, watching tv programmes such as Topsy and Tim, to gain ideas for our party and brainstorming ideas and shopping lists for the big day. Most Arklets have now handwritten their names for their invitations (so Mummies and Daddies know when the party is) and we have sent our song request cards so that DJ Miss G can cater for all music fans. But shhh! Mr Wrinkles must not know what we are up to!

We hope you will join us next week when...

- We know who won Euro 2020

- We have designed our own party hats for MR Wrinkles' big day

- The future Arklets for September 2021 have visited and met Miss B and I!

Have a great weekend everyone! And remember- "C'mon England!"

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