Elfie causes more mayhem!

What a busy week it has been! So busy in fact, that I am a day late in writing the blog! So what has all the busyness been...

Elfie has been absolute mayhem! EVERY day we are entering Nursery to find chaos! From trees covered in knickers and pants (with Mr Wrinkles taken hostage!) to Elfie making himself into an angel using MY rubber gloves and Christmas decorations! He even rolled round the tree in a loo roll ... What a menace! But it is bringing such HUGE smiles...and even bigger giggles when he emails us videos of his antics and reminds us that he is telling Santa about what we have been doing!

Well our elf handprint ornaments have been bagged and sent home... They look absolutely wonderful and we have some very pleased Mummies and Daddies! We even had a few spare hands made for special people in our school such as Mary the lollipop lady, Mr Young our Headteacher and Mrs James our office manager (who was also celebrating her birthday!)... they were very pleased with their gifts as were the Arklet elves who helped to deliver them!

Here are a few pictures of Christmas trees of the children from The Ark with their handprints on. Don't they just look AMAZING!!!

We have also made our own "Digitally Me" calendar for our Mummies and Daddies. This involved us taking 'selfies' of ourselves using the I-Pads and then adding clipart to our photograph.Some if us added nearly every option whilst some of us chose but a few decoration! Do you like our work!?

We have learnt about animal patterns and we have sorted animals according to whether they are spotty, stripy or solid (only having one colour with no obvious pattern). We loved sorting the different animals and all did very well! We have helped Miss G sort sweeties into sweetie jars on the whiteboard and we have been given a special challenge for the Christmas holidays (in case we get bored) to practice our sorting skills. Sorting and spotting patterns are key skills for our early and later math development as they help us to look closely at things and see whether objects or pictures etc have things similar (or not) and whether they can be grouped together.

In phonics we have been OUTSTANDING at identifying the sound from the street/roadside and matching it to the picture within the busy scene. This helps us to match sounds to images, which later becomes matching sounds to letters (graphemes).

We have also helped Reception Class to decorate bags for a foodbank charity so that those who collect a food parcel receive a Christmassy bag decorated by us. We hope this helps to spread some cheer and make those less fortunate feel happier and thought of.

With only five Nursery days left till the holidays, we have a few more things to work on as well as our Christmas Party! Miss G is working on a bespoke play list and will accommodate as many of our song requests as she can whilst also honoring the traditional party games and songs!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Miss G


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