Happy Easter!

We have been very busy over the last fortnight with all things Spring, Easter and bunnies! Our Nursery Rhyme of the Week last week was Peter Rabbit, which some of you may know as Little Peter Rabbit. Lots of the Arklets and parents really enjoyed this rhyme as it is not as common as the ones we have looked at previously. We began making our Easter cards and I acted as Mr McGregor in my garden whilst the Arklets became Peter Rabbits and had to steal my numbered carrots! This was our number recognition activity so that we could see how many numbers between 0 and 10 that we could name when out of order. We also had Numicon labelled plant pots and so some of us placed our numbered carrots in the correct pots!

This week, being the week before the Easter holidays, we just had to learn about Humpty Dumpty! So whilst we have been finishing our Easter cards (which we shall show you of course!), we have been making suncatcher bunnies and exploring materials in Science. We have investigated which materials would help protect Humpty Dumpty should he fall from his wall again! This was LOTS of fun and we made predictions and looked at which materials had kept our Humpty Dumptys safe!

Here are our cards! Don't we look great as little Easter bunnies!

Here are our sun catchers! We hope they brighten everyone's windows over Easter like they brightened our windows at The Ark!

Here is a few piccies and a snippet of video of our Humpty Dumpty Rescue Mission! We found that cotton wool and shredded paper were the best at protecting Humpty Dumpty! Check it out below...

We also had a FEW Easter Egg Hunts! We loved going out onto the "Big Playground" to find Miss G's plastic eggs and have them exchanged for chocolate lollies and sweeties!

And then we had hot cross buns for Snack! Yum Yum- we have really enjoyed learning about Easter and we know why this is special to Christians, why there is a cross on hot cross buns and why we have Easter eggs!

Happy Easter everyone!

See you son for more Arklet activities and fun!

Much love,

Miss G 🥰

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