Merry Christmas everyone!

It is the final week of term and

where has the time gone? We are that bit bigger, very settled and enjoying life in the Ark. Yesterday we had our Christmas Party Day as it is one of our busiest days so meant lots of children would normally be in The Ark (and we wouldn't be as tired). Everyone was invited back and it was great to see so many faces.

Given how rubbish 2020 has been we wanted to make our Party Day as exciting and fun as possible. Lots of our Arklets may not have living memory of a birthday party and as such not experienced Pass the Parcel or other games like Musical Statues. So that is exactly what we did; we had song requests made via Tapestry, we all came dressed in our best clothes and we boogied the day away! We had Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues and special Christmas snack! Check us out...

This week we have made stained glass Christmas trees for our window! These seem even more poignant this year as we have used 'rainbow' colours and rainbows are a sign of Hope. We hope that these nasty germs will soon be gone so 'normal' can return. Lots of us have our Christmas trees up in our windows at home, but some Mummies and used battery tealights to illuminate them too.

We have also made our own little Nativity adaptation. Normally we would support Reception and sing songs, sign the words and perhaps have a little dance. But sadly we cannot do that this instead we have performed "We're Going on a Baby Hunt" which is an adaptation of Michael Rosen's We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

Have a fantastic Christmas everyone! And lets see what 2021 brings...

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