Nursery Rhyme of the Week

Last week as part of our Nursery Rhyme of the Week we have learnt Ten in the Bed. This was chosen as we had reached the number ten for our Number of the Week so meant we could link our numbers to our rhymes. For our Sound of the Week we looked at the phoneme /t/ for ‘ten’ and ‘tired’. Here is a video of some snippets of our learning for the week.

We also looked at Day and Night in connection with our rhyme. We talked about things we do during the day and during the night, animals we might see during the day or night and differences in the sky at these times. Some Mummies and Daddies were hoping this might help some of our Arklets sleep in rather than waking V. early 🤣 I am not sure if this has worked yet..

See you later to show some of this week’s learning!

Have fun, stay safe and enjoy!

Miss G


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