Pyjamarama 2021 hits The Ark!

Apologies for the delay! Wix was down...but here is a round-up of this week's adventures!

Pyjamarama 2021 hits The Ark

This week has been filled with the excitement of all five chrysalides forming in our caterpillar pot! Some were more eager than others… Peter Andre, for example, was STILL munching on Monday but is now a chrysalis. We have talked about how we need to just look at our “minibeast babies” as they perform their amazing transformation (metamorphosis) into butterflies… All chrysalides are now residing in the Butterfly House- some on the lid that they ‘should’ have attached their chrysalis too… however some little chrysalides have decided to attach themselves to silk threads, shed skin or even POOP! I had the glamorous job of moving “our babies” to their Butterfly House, removing the shed skin and poop- lucky me! 😉 Stay tuned!

This week we have learnt The Buttons Song (written by The Out of the Ark team). This is helping us to learn our 2D shapes; square, circle, triangle, and rectangle. Quite often children have misconceptions about things and 2D shapes offers plenty of scope for these to appear. So to support the Arklets with their shape knowledge we have looked at our shapes in different orientations, sizes and colours. For example, some Arklets have made the classic misconception of naming a shape a diamond when actually it is a square that has been “turned round a little”. Diamonds (or more formally rhombus shapes) are VERY different to a square and we explored this by turning and rotating both shapes to see. Another classic misconception is to only recognise the classic equilateral triangle (one where all sides are the same size, and typically with its point upwards). Some Arklets could name the equilateral triangle but when shown the other two types of triangles were unsure what they were. This is partly due to books and programmes portraying the “standard” triangle and the children not having explored and experienced the other types. They do not need to know their specific names but just recognise that the isosceles and scalene triangles are also triangles.

So why the long chat about shapes?... Well we have made our very own Very Hungry Shape Caterpillars! Look- don’t they look amazing!

We rolled a dice with our focused shapes on and then found these in the paper shape tray before gluing them to our hungry caterpillars. We had lots of practice to name them, match them and talk about their sides and corners/ points.

We shall continue to explore shapes next week when our Minibeast of the Week is… Snails! We shall learn about Henri Matisse and make our own interpretation of his ‘ Snail’ picture using straight sided 2D shapes!

We have continued our Metal Mike skills and we are becoming increasingly brilliant at blending the sounds to form words and in breaking words down into phonemes so that we talk like Metal Mike. This will really help when we start Reception and begin to learn our phonemes by sight…we will be brainy brainy readers! Yeah!

Speaking of reading… Friday was national Pyjamarama Day in aid of supporting the Booktrust charity! The Friday Arklets came in their finest pyjamas, dressing gowns and cuddlies to join in with this celebration of reading and books! We really enjoyed a day (or session) of sharing stories, reading in dens, listening to audio stories whilst looking at the pictures from the book, watching our favourite stories which have been animated…oh and the hot chocolate and marshmallows at snack time! We have acted out stories with puppets and props, coloured our favourite book characters and enjoyed a day of promoting and enjoying stories. If only every Friday could be like this!

We raised a wonderful £23. Whilst this may not be the largest amount, we have ALL enjoyed today and it one of our quieter days of the week. We have also funded book packs for 15 preschool children who are currently living within women’s refuge centres as we speak. That is HUGE! We have helped these children to dream, to imagine and to learn. So a huge thank you to everyone who took part!

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s blog! Next week sees the new intake meeting albeit virtually. We still have some spaces should you have a child who turns four between September 2021 and August 2022. If you are interested in your little one becoming an Arklet, please call 01493 661691 to register your interest before the last spaces go!

Have a great weekend,

Love Miss G


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