Superheroes, Vindaloo and Daddies!

What a rainy week it has been! We started off with lots of sunshine and have ended the week with rain, rain and more rain! Seems like we may need that Ark! At least the potatoes were planted and the sunflowers sown!

This week we saw Evil Pea leave...well we didn't see him exactly,but he has definitely vacated the nursery! Phew! We had lots of mischief from that little pea! Hee hee! Maybe it is the yummy snack that Morrisons at Bradwell have begun to supply us with... Thank you Morrisons!

This week we have been thinking about our Daddies and other significant role models in our lives. We have made Fathers' Day cards (or alternatives for special people in our lives) and thought about why these people are special and important. Here are the cards we have made... Don't they look "Super!"

Also this week we have continued to read our wordless reading books- this week moving to reading as a group. This enables lots of different ideas to come together, whilst enjoying sharing a book with friends. It also allows us to take turns and listen to our friends. Well done everyone!

We have also changed our roleplay area from The Ark Hair Salon to Cafe de Ark! The Arklets have loved this and have created a major launch party of the cafe with everyone on Friday afternoon booking in or working there! We cannot wait to see the Arklets' reactions from Monday when more children see the new roleplay. This has been inspired by the children's interest in coming round the room and asking people for their orders of food. Hopefully our new cafe will continue to thrive and draw those customers in like it did today!

Friday lunchtime was a bit...meh! We couldn't go outside due to the torrential rain...and I had been talking about the new England football song in aid of the NHS charities... well Miss B and Miss J were unaware of this, so we just had to play it! Good thing we did as it then developed into a full nursery sing-song and dance activity in lieu of playing outside. See us all performing below...and this was just lunchtime!

Well, @Vindalootwo we have really enjoyed your song so much so that the children requested, and subsequently learnt how to play back the song. You also then featured throughout the afternoon nursery session with parades, marching, singing and dance moves! We also made our own flags (if we chose too) of the England flag which many of us then waved as we danced (like the children in the video). We all left The Ark this week on a huge high, cheering our England football team on whilst singing, dancing and waving our flags! Ooh and the secret message to Mummies about those special cards...

Have a great weekend everyone!

Miss G


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