The Ark is back!!! For a bigger, brighter and brilliant year!

It seems a long time ago when I last wrote a blog post... Sadly we had to close earlier than planned due to COVID-19, but we are back and ready for LOTS of fun, lots or learning and even more new memories and adventures! And don't panic if you see a different name for the author... I finally got married, so it is still me!

This week has seen the start of the new Arklets beginning their time with us. As a school-based Nursery, we stagger the children in so that they can settle in small groups, get more 1:1 time with adults and build strong and secure relationships. This helps our Arklets settle into Nursery quickly and comfortably and is nice as we get to spend quality time with each child.

Here are some of our new Arklets on their special 1st day photos! We take these on the children's first and final days as a reminder of how they started and left, as a keepsake and also to see how much they grow! Call us sentimental 🥰

We have all enjoyed sharing our All About Me books, which help us talk about our own lives whilst learning about our new friends. This is even more important as many of us have not met many children during the pandemic. Nursery is going to be very special year this year, as we encourage and support new friendships and interactions and trying to have more fun than we have before.

Remember, if you have a child who is three years old and turns four before 31st August 2022, you could come to us! Your child could become one of the Arklets ... We do NOT have a catchment area... wherever you live in and round Great Yarmouth, you can join us The only thing is that we cannot guarantee you a school place in main school at Homefield.

However... we CAN promise you a fun-filled year and all the support in becoming school-ready, no matter what school you attend. You will learn and develop the skills ready to embark on Reception life with ease. So if you are looking for a Nursery place and your child is in the academic year before they attend Reception, or if y9u want to get on our growing waiting lists, please call 01493 66169 and leave y0our details with our office staff at Homefield C of E Primary!

Have a great weekend! See you next weekend,

Mrs S x

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