You make me breakout... make me break out 🎸

This week started with the release of Peter Andre (blame Miss B for that name!) and Dave (Grohl), our butterflies. Sadly Taylor took up residence in my garden after his wings didn't open and Nate and Pat have not emerged from their chrysalides. But that is Mother Nature, the circle of life, and one of those things. Not to sound dismissive but it is a valuable life lesson and the children have been brilliant in appreciating that some of our butterflies did not make it.

We LOVED letting the butterflies free. Most of us got to hold one of them but then they felt the wind and flew away to pastures new. I wonder where they have gone and what they have been up to since leaving us on Monday?

We are learning a new song to help with our number recognition. It is called "Numbers in the Air" and comes from a song book called The Numeracy Connection and is by a wonderful lady called Niki Davies and is published by a company called Out of the Ark. Here is a snippet of us using our finger lights as an incentive to joining in...

This week at The Ark is "Spider Week". We have loved the provocation for learning; easels with black paper, chalk of every colour, and more importantly, a spider web table cloth hung over the easel with plastic spiders watching us. We even had lots of photographs of beautiful spiders and amazing webs to inspire us! And as if that was not provocation enough... I may have let slip that Mr Young is scared of spiders and this sent the Arklets into a frenzy of drawing spiders to "scare" him with hee hee! Take a look!

We have talked about how spiders are not really scary and how they must be more scared of us. We have looked at stories like Spinderella by Julia Donaldson, AHHHHHH! Spider! By Lydia Monks and The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. We have really enjoyed these and on behalf of the children, may I wish Eric Carle's family all our love, prayers and thoughts at his passing today. We absolutely loved his stories and he has been integral within our minibeast topic this half term!

As it is the last week of this half term we have looked at how far the Arklets have come with learning their names. Almost everybody can now recognise their name without their animal picture as a clue. Many can write the first letter of their name from memory and some can write their whole first name without looking at their name card! This is amazing so well done to all the Arklets and the Mummies and Daddies supporting them at home too.

We have had so much fun and learnt so much about minibeasts. Look at our amazing displays of our fantastic work!

What will we learn next half term? Well you will just have to wait and see! Make sure you stay tuned...

And to any future Arklets, new Mummies and Daddies, be sure to keep checking our blog so you can see what fun we have at The Ark!


Miss G

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